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The Black Market's Journal

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16th November 2014

lilblackangel9:35pm: Ebay Auctions!
New Auctions posted!

Some brands this round include: Betsey Johnson & Betseyvilly, Guess, Hollister, Hell Bunny, Too Fast, Sourpuss, Hot Topic.

I will be posting much more for the holidays, like coats, jackets, dresses, boots and much more, so add me to your favorites list!

30th June 2014

guillotine_lure10:46am: I have deducted the price on most of the corsets listed in my etsy shop as much as 50% off. Please feel free to take a gander among a collection of very one of a kind corsets as well as other goodies. You can also view a sample below:


Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PookumsBooty?ref=l2-shop-info-name

19th June 2013

urahameshi9:59pm: Selling Trading Cards
Hello everybody! I'm selling some trading cards from different series: Naruto, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Zelda etc... If anyone is interested please check my journal http://urahameshi.livejournal.com/

I'll be updating later with more cards, figures and videogames.

Thanks :)

5th June 2013

avoidxcesses7:36pm: Optic Lithium Sales
Hello everyone. I have many things for sale over on my Wordpress sales page. I have used items and some items that I upcycle (those cost a little more). Thanks for looking.


15th April 2013

guillotine_lure11:52am: Greetings! In the past nine months I have had a total of five major abdominal operations. Alas, I can finally wear corsets to my desired degree of cinch, however, I also have medical bills to pay. With that said, it would mean the world to me to make some extra monies with what I have to offer. I understand that my sense of style is not what you would deem conventional but hopefully many of you may find something to your liking :)

Four steel boned corsets, three of which are brand newCollapse )

You may also see a variety of other goodies in my etsy shop:


In addition, I have a few other listed items up on ebay:


Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you for your time!

1st April 2013

guillotine_lure10:51am: Corsets, heels, catsuits, and more at discounted prices up for auction:

 photo queenofhearts.jpg
 photo katieclub5.jpg
 photo 41Umsa67WFL_SS340_-300x300.jpg
 photo 022-4.jpg


7th March 2013

avoidxcesses2:19pm: Looking for red and/or white pvc items
Hello everyone. I am going to a fetish event on April 4th in the U.S. and I'm looking for any pvc/vinyl tops in red or white that would go with the pair of latex booty shorts I'm purchasing. If anyone is selling any tops or corsets that would fit a medical theme in a size Medium, please get back at me. Here's a link to the shorts on Etsy. Thanks!


25th February 2013

avoidxcesses12:10pm: Mini hats for sale!
Hello lovely ladies of the internet! I have 4 mini hats and a pretty green/black flower/feather hair clip under the cut. I'm located in the U.S. and right now I'm only shipping in the U.S. All items are used and I've tried to describe the condition the best I can in the photos. Thanks for looking.

Photos and descriptions hereCollapse )

29th January 2013

avoidxcesses2:01pm: Etsy Sales- Apocalyptic, Dieselpunk, Cyber, Industrial
Hello everyone. I modify used clothing and upcycle it. All items are $3 shipping, $2 with another item (unless otherwise noted). I ship only in the U.S. right now. The clothes are typically Industrial/Apocalyptic/Ratty/Dieselpunk/Cyber in nature. Lots of bleached, shredded and laddered/weaved items. I have 3 men's tops in this style as well. Please check out my Etsy. And thank you for looking!


15th January 2013

avoidxcesses3:00pm: Ebay Auctions
Hello everyone. I am selling a bunch of items I handmade on my ebay.
Industrial, crust punk, cyber, grungey type items.
Most are tops.

Please take a look-see and thanks!


29th December 2012

avoidxcesses5:40pm: just opened a Etsy shop
Hi everyone. I just opened up an Etsy shop for my handmade Industrial, Crust Punk and Apocalyptic clothing and accessories. Right now I only ship in the U.S. Please check it out when you get a chance. Thanks!


2nd December 2012

avoidxcesses3:53am: Hey everyone. My friend, who runs Plastic Viscera on etsy and Facebook and used to go by the name Plastic Couture (making dreadfalls) is selling a TON of DIY hand-made clothing.
Crust punk, apocalyptic, cyber, industrial, fetish, grunge.
Also accessories like jewelry, belts, makeup, bags, wigs, etc.
Please check out her stuff on Facebook.
Thanks for looking!


14th November 2012

avoidxcesses11:05am: Ebay auctions
Hey kids. Lots of stuff up on my ebay. US only at this time. Most items are M-L. Two pairs of shoes in size 10.

Brands: Demonia, SludgeFaktory, Play Dead, Baby Phat, Melissa E, Dark Destiny, Serious, Lip Service

Thanks for looking!


8th September 2012

ellymeri10:08am: Steamy Antler Bustle
one of a kind fringed bustle! <3

See it on etsy!

27th August 2012

avoidxcesses10:10am: Hey everyone. I have a lot of things for sale in my Selling Album on Facebook. It would take forever for me to do an LJ cut here, so please take a look to see if you are interested in:

Play Dead, Sludgefaktory, Lip Service, hand bleached tops, jeans in size 11, Serious, Melissa E pvc dress, fashion army jackets, Lydia Deetz red wedding dress costume, gothic skirts, xbox controller, house decor, dvds...

The list just keeps going. Trying to get rid of stuff so I can buy something that'll cost me $60.

Thanks for your time.


15th July 2012

avoidxcesses4:33pm: Hello everyone. I have lots of stuff for sale on my Facebook. Please take a look. Most clothing items are either Medium or Large. There's Lip Service, Serious, Illig & more. Tops, skirts, dresses, jackets, etc. Goth, industrial, cyber, jeans.

If you're interested in buying something, either message me on Facebook or shoot me an email at aroconnor1@hotmail.com instead of through here.

Here is my ebay feedback: http://myworld.ebay.com/artificialbutalive

Thanks for looking:

24th May 2012

guillotine_lure10:12am: Corset, body suit with built in chaps, dresses, and boots up for your auction (reference picture for corset provided below):


Link to auction page:


15th May 2012

avoidxcesses2:13pm: Selling my Lydia Deetz Wedding Costume
Hi everyone. I've decided to try and sell my Lydia Deetz red wedding dress costume from last Halloween. The dress is a size 7/8, so around a medium. I've put photos and descriptions of the outfit under the cut. This is a DIY costume I pieced together so nothing is sewn, just safety pinned, so you will need to sew it if you wish it to be complete, or you can wear it pieced together as I did. I'm taking the highest bidder for it and won't go below $100. I will ship only within the U.S. and shipping will be around $10 for the everything. Thanks for looking!

Photos and description hereCollapse )

5th May 2012

avoidxcesses10:58am: Selling stuff
Please check out my selling album on Facebook. I have corsets and other gothic/cyber/DIY/bleached clothing, along with various other random items like house decor and electronics. Thanks for looking.


22nd March 2012

guillotine_lure4:17pm: Have some lovely things up for auction at cheap prices! Here are just a few examples!


See more here!


14th March 2012

avoidxcesses12:24pm: Ebay Sales
Please check out my ebay auctions at:

Items include: Lip Service, Dogpile, Apocalyptic/cyber/gothic clothing, some electronics, accessories, various skinny jeans in size 9 and 10, handmade hairfall, etc.

Thanks for looking!

6th March 2012

guillotine_lure10:15am: I have a brand new, never worn corset up for auction (link behind cut). It is custom made in the Temptress underbust style by Meschantes Corsetry and closes in at 22". It would fit a natural waist circumference between 26-28 inches. It also features a surreal custom design printed on silk fabric. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask. I also have many other items for sale including shoes, a leather jacket, bustiers, skirts, and more!

Images provided hereCollapse )
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