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Selling my Lydia Deetz Wedding Costume

Hi everyone. I've decided to try and sell my Lydia Deetz red wedding dress costume from last Halloween. The dress is a size 7/8, so around a medium. I've put photos and descriptions of the outfit under the cut. This is a DIY costume I pieced together so nothing is sewn, just safety pinned, so you will need to sew it if you wish it to be complete, or you can wear it pieced together as I did. I'm taking the highest bidder for it and won't go below $100. I will ship only within the U.S. and shipping will be around $10 for the everything. Thanks for looking!

Comes with everything u see here. Look at close up photos for details of what you are getting. Last pic is a photo of me wearing the costume.

The red satin dress is the first layer and has a zipper up the back & it ties around your neck halter style with a hook & eye closure. It has a long sash tied to the neck and a red rose detail at the bust. I added lace fabric in the bust/neck area, but it's just safety pinned on. I also added extra fabric to the bottom of the skirt, cuz I wore platforms and you can take this right off if it's too long for you cuz it's just safety pinned on. The mesh skirt goes on next over the top of the dress, and that was made by MTCoffinz, but I ripped the black underlayer off. So in order to get this poofy you're going to need to wear a petticoat under the dress. The torso section is just extra lace fabric that I tied around my waist & pinned on to hide the seam between the skirt and dress. The fabric you see in the bottom left of the close up photo of the torso is actually a mesh bolero that I wrapped around my shoulders. It snaps shut.

Comes with: veil. made of red mesh and red ribbon details, all mounted on a clear plastic comb. i think this is made by MTCoffinz. satin gloves and the bouquet. The gloves are a different shade than the rest of the dress, but it's not super noticeable. They are rouched. I made the bouquet out of red poinsetta plants tied together with a red ribbon.

All my other junk for sale can be found in Facebook selling album, if you're interested in taking a look:

Thanks for looking!
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