-Amy-> (avoidxcesses) wrote in theblackmarket,

Mini hats for sale!

Hello lovely ladies of the internet! I have 4 mini hats and a pretty green/black flower/feather hair clip under the cut. I'm located in the U.S. and right now I'm only shipping in the U.S. All items are used and I've tried to describe the condition the best I can in the photos. Thanks for looking.

$15 plus $4 shipping. Mini hat, preowned and worn once. Neon green and black zebra fabric pattern. This is a top hat style hat and it's larger than a regular mini hat, but not super huge. Neon green and black skinny feather accents. Black tulle accent in the back. It attaches with a clip that is underneath the hat in the back. This will ship in 3-4 business days after payment. This hat is a little heavy for some reason.

$8, plus $4 shipping. Psychobilly/Goth/Cyber rose flower hair clip. Rose is a minty green color. Made of great quality realistic petals (however it has gotten kind of dirty, but it's still wearable and it's not very noticeable in dark clubs). Feathers are black and neon green. Clips on with alligator clip. This measures 8-9 inches long. Item ships 3-4 business days after payment.

$7, plus $4 shipping. Mini hat made by me. This is a regular size mini hat. Black felt hat base with red ribbon around base. Black and red feathers attached at base with a fake crystal button. Also attached is a removable piece made from red and black ribbon with a red and white skull foam detail (this is attached on with an alligator clip and can also be worn as a separate hairpiece. There is a comb attached at the back underneath and a hair tie attached underneath at the front for extra security. This item ships 3-4 business days after payment.

$10, plus $4 shipping. Mini hat (regular size). Black felt hat base. Details: black flowers surround the back with purple glitter, black ribbon bows with white pearl detail, silver batty pendant, white skeleton hand, black grape vine detail. There is a comb attached underneath in the back and a hair tie attached underneath at the front for extra security. In great condition, worn twice. This item ships 3-4 business days after payment.

$7, plus $4 shipping. Mini hat (regular size) made by me. Black felt hat base (rounded style hate, not top hat), Details: gold and brown skull face in the front with penny eyes, cockroaches painted red in the front and back, brown ribbon asymmetrical criss cross pattern, steampunk gold pendant, brown/white feathers, felt has been grunged to make it look dirty. This hat isn't in the greatest shape, a few things fell off. The comb to hold it on has fallen off so there is a clip attached underneath at the back to hold it on (there used to be two more than were glued on, but they've fallen off as well) and there's a hair tie attached underneath in the front for extra security. This item ships 3-4 business days after payment.
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